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Many people still view statements, correspondence and invoicing as a cost center activity. However businesses have now started to realize the potential of turning these documents into very effective marketing tools, and extending their customer communication strategy to their documents.

With Fides TransM, you can very quickly convert your billing statements into powerful marketing tools to build relationships and up-sell and cross-sell to current customers. With its powerful data analytics, TransM helps you run relevant marketing campaigns. From data-analytics to print stream re-purposing, TransM provides a complete solution to revamp your statements into powerful marketing documents.

Key Features

  • White Space Management
  • Multiple Marketing Campaigns
  • Data Analytics
  • Seamless Integration

Key Benefits

  • Cross-sell/ Up-sell: Use your billing statements to effectively cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Improve Loyalty: Proactive Marketing is not just about increasing sales of a product or service, it can also be used to spread information, increase loyalty and provide value to the consumers by delivering relevant offers and messages. Targeting your customers’ needs based on their past buying behaviors can dramatically improve your customers’ experience with your brand.
  • Cost Saving: Because companies are already mailing statements, this is one of the most cost-efficient communication channels. By combining direct mail efforts with regularly schedule transaction mailings, organizations can realize significant cost savings.
  • Seamless Integration: TransM seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

TransPromo Facts

  • Studies have shown that 95 percent of transaction documents are opened and read. An almost-guaranteed open rate makes these printed transactional materials prime real estate for sales communications and marketing messages.
  • A 2007 InfoTrends survey indicates that mail is the preferred medium among consumers.  In fact, 60.6 percent of consumers surveyed preferred direct mail over email, telemarketing and other channels. Consumers also stated in the survey that personalized offers are preferred 63.1% vs. traditional statements at 36.9 percent.
  • On average, a consumer will spend one to three minutes reviewing a bill which is three times more than looking at a direct mail piece. And while recipients tend to discard direct-mail pieces, most save statements and other transactional documents.
  • Two thirds of consumers rarely or never read the direct mail and leaflets that are included in their bills. Transactional printers have previously tried to include promotional messaging, knowing that consumers open and read their statements and bills. High quality inserts included inside the envelope have always been too easy to discard without reading. All that time, effort and, more importantly, money goes to waste.
  • Transpromotional is new in the way the messaging is integrated into the statement document itself. Also, as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems continue to advance, Transpromotional provides a new avenue to leverage data to create personalized offers that generate greater response. The challenge is to make a match of your marketing to the right person. TransPromo helps you get to your target audience; a better rate of return.
  • According to Madison Advisors and InfoTrends, full-color, digital TransPromo pages are set to grow at double digit rates through 2010, with some growth rate estimates up to 91%.

Source: InfoTrends, Future of Mail, survey, 2006; Madison Advisors Best Practices Study, 2007; The TransPromo Revolution: The Time is now! InfoTrends, August 2007

Proof of Concept & Implementation

Meeting both marketing and operational objectives, TransPromo is seen as a very timely decision, and Fides Technologies TransM can help you make it happen.

Fides can work with your IT and print operations teams to provide a cost effective and seamless transition plan, that fully integrates necessary components. Fides can provide the necessary support to run TransPromo campaigns and turn billing statements into fully personalized, one-to-one marketing offers.

We invite you to use this Contact Form for a solution demonstration or proposal.

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